The Cosmic Clues: Manjiri Prabhu

Title: The Cosmic Clues
Author: Manjiri Prabhu
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Astrology holds a very important position in the Indian psyche. Everything from arranging marriages, starting businesses, forecasting the future to finding remedies to diseases has solution under the umbrella of astrology. Author Manjiri Prabhu has made another very intelligent and unusual use of Astrology by employing it to solve crime. The outcome is ‘The Cosmic Clues’ a very gripping and enjoyable detective novel.

Sonia Samarth is a young detective who has just started ‘Stellar Investigations’ with the help of her assistant Jatin. But it is not just any detective agency; Sonia is well versed in astrology and believes it can be used to investigate crime. The venture does not begin very well; she is met with skepticism and ridicule. But soon enough a lovely cat wanders into her office and brings with her the first case for the Stellar Investigations. It is a gruesome murder which needs to be unraveled, a murder which appears senseless, without motive and yet has been committed. Sonia puts her unconventional methods into actions and is able to solve the crime. This first success brings her a string of cases in its wake. Some of these cases are easy and yet others are challenging and while solving them all Sonia finds new friends and discovers new things about herself.

Manjiri Prabhu has spun out one gripping case after another in this novel. The most interesting aspect is of course the use of astrology in solving the crimes. I had no inkling going into the novel what kind of role astrology would play in the story and how effective it would be. But Manjiri Prabhu knows how to tell a story well and she makes intelligent use of astrology to give twists to the cases. I adored the protagonist Sonia Samarth; she is a spunky and adventurous young woman who makes the novel an enjoyable read. The novel has a fast pace and it keeps the reader hooked till the end. 

In conclusion: It was great fun to read ‘The Cosmic Clues’. I loved the unusual combination of astrology and crime which Manjiri Prabhu has woven into her stories. I will recommend this book to anyone who likes reading mysteries or who wants to read something unusual and fresh.

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