Anansi Boys: Neil Gaiman

Title: Anansi Boys
Author: Neil Gaiman
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Anansi is one of the West African gods, a trickster god, a Spider god. Anansi is also the owner of all the stories. The stories used to belong to the Tiger before, but then Anansi acquired them from the Tiger using his cunning. It was a change for the better of course. For the stories which were violent before now became the stories of cunning and wit. Gaiman’s ‘Anansi boys’ is also a story of cunning and wit. Here intelligence overpowers brawn, and good wins over evil.

Fat Charlie had never known that his father Mr. Nancy was the spider god Anansi. It was only when Mr. Nancy died that Charlie discovered this little fact. On the same day he also found out that he had a brother. In one of his several moments of despair, Charlie sends for his brother Spider. Now Charlie has not inherited any of his father’s godliness, it had all gone to Spider. So when Spider decides that he likes Charlie’s home and his girlfriend, Charlie’s simple and depressing life becomes all topsy turvy. What Charlie decides to about this leads to further complications and hilarity. 

Neil Gaiman certainly knows about gods and about stories. I had read his ‘Graveyard book’ before and had totally loved it. I found ‘Anansi boys’ to be just as spectacular. The tricks are clever and the story is full of wit and good humour. The gods and the people are quirky, unpredictable and very likeable. I enjoyed the way Gaiman mixed reality and fantasy like where at one moment you are in a musty old parlour and the next into some weird godland. I also loved the ending and the way all threads are tied up into a pretty bunch. Overall an adorable and completely un-put-downable book.

In conclusion: Great story? Check. Magic? Check. Loads of fun? Check. Should you read it? Yes!!!   

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Anonymous said...

I recently read Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Although I didn't find the plot to be very novel, I liked his writing style. From your review I get a feeling that Anansi Boys might be a better read.I hope to get to it soon!