The Girl in Blue: P. G. Wodehouse

Title: The Girl in Blue
Author: P. G. Wodehouse
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As improbable as it is, it is the truth that I had not read any of P. G. Wodehouse’s novels before. Many friends had recommended his different works and had insisted that I read a Wodehouse at once. I planned to do it and then forgot. I confess this was a bad bad thing to do. After reading ‘The Girl in Blue’ and laughing my head off the entire time I was reading it, I realize what I have missed all these years being a Wodehouse illiterate. Wodehouse's writing is fresh, fun and very generous at heart. The wicked are not really wicked and the kind are beyond limits kind in the novel and it all of course ends into a 'happily ever after'

‘The Girl in Blue’ is the story of Jerry West a young man who has fallen in love with an heiress. The path of love is full of hurdles for Jerry; the first being the girl with whom he is already engaged, and the next being his inheritance which is taking far too long to come into his possession. To add to the troubles, Gainsborough’s miniature ‘The Girl in Blue’ has been stolen and it is up to Jerry to bring it back to its owner. Add to that mix an American corporation lawyer enamoured by a beautiful young girl, his hearty but shoplifting sister, a voluble broker’s man and we have a very droll story at hand. The humour is of the best nature, the characters are very adorable and the story is entertainingly convoluted. 

The Girl in Blue is a delightful read full of charm and good humour, and I am very glad to have picked this particular book of P. G. Wodehouse. 

In conclusion: Go grab it! 

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Andrew Blackman said...

Nice review, Nivedita. Reminded me of a lot of the qualities of PG Wodehouse's novels. One problem, to me at least, is that after a while they were all a bit the same. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I tend to want something different. Still, I haven't read a Wodehouse in a long while, so maybe I'll go back and give this one a try!

I enjoyed reading about your road trip as well :-)

Nivedita Barve said...

Hi Andrew,
Good to see you :)
I have heard this said before about Wodehouse's writing. But I guess since this was my first Wodehouse, it will take me some time to reach that point :)
BTW I read about your new novel coming out. Best wishes for that!

Anonymous said...

Wodehouse has a certain old world charm that is unique and keeps his writing fresh to this day. I have read quite a few Wodehouse novels and was feeling the monotony element as Andrew says. However your review has brought back the nostalgia of the pleasure I had while reading those novels. I hope to get to The Girl in Blue soon!