The Girl in Blue: P. G. Wodehouse

Title: The Girl in Blue
Author: P. G. Wodehouse
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As improbable as it is, it is the truth that I had not read any of P. G. Wodehouse’s novels before. Many friends had recommended his different works and had insisted that I read a Wodehouse at once. I planned to do it and then forgot. I confess this was a bad bad thing to do. After reading ‘The Girl in Blue’ and laughing my head off the entire time I was reading it, I realize what I have missed all these years being a Wodehouse illiterate. Wodehouse's writing is fresh, fun and very generous at heart. The wicked are not really wicked and the kind are beyond limits kind in the novel and it all of course ends into a 'happily ever after'

‘The Girl in Blue’ is the story of Jerry West a young man who has fallen in love with an heiress. The path of love is full of hurdles for Jerry; the first being the girl with whom he is already engaged, and the next being his inheritance which is taking far too long to come into his possession. To add to the troubles, Gainsborough’s miniature ‘The Girl in Blue’ has been stolen and it is up to Jerry to bring it back to its owner. Add to that mix an American corporation lawyer enamoured by a beautiful young girl, his hearty but shoplifting sister, a voluble broker’s man and we have a very droll story at hand. The humour is of the best nature, the characters are very adorable and the story is entertainingly convoluted. 

The Girl in Blue is a delightful read full of charm and good humour, and I am very glad to have picked this particular book of P. G. Wodehouse. 

In conclusion: Go grab it! 

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Happy New Year (belated)!

We are quite deep into the New Year and I know I have been horribly late in wishing you all.  But better late than never, so a very Happy New Year guys!

The New Year started off wonderfully for us with a road trip in the exotic Tamil Nadu. This is the trail we followed in our trusty little Polo. 

It was an architectural trip in which we saw many of the important temples and monuments from the rich culture of Tamil Nadu. Here is one of the temples that we visited, the majestic Brihadeshwara temple at Tanjore. It was almost a spiritual experience to be in the presence of a structure of such immense beauty.

After we came back from the road trip, the New Year continued to be nice probably because I didn't make any resolutions. I did start a few new things this year though. In keeping with the main theme of this blog, I joined a book library. Last year I realized that I did not have enough books to read, so I ended up re-reading many of the old ones. This in itself was not too bad, but it meant I explored less of new authors and new books. I could have bought new books and read them, but the funny thing is I did buy a lot of new books, but when I got them home, I felt like I wanted to read some other books that I didn't have. So to break this Catch-22 I joined the library. I have borrowed and read some books from the library and it has been quite a bit of fun to stand in front of rows of books, gazing at them lovingly :)

Another thing about this year is it will see me writing more. I have this collection of half written, nearing completion short stories and several blog posts. I have decided to become more regular with my writing. So more dedicated time for writing this year! 

The other thing that I and Debu have decided to do this is year is to cook more and eat at home more. We have been fairly successful with this goal till date. It has been fun figuring out different recipes, trying them and being happy with ourselves for doing it. 

So no resolutions but some new things for this new year. Let’s see how things go, but here’s to hope and optimism! A very Happy New Year to you all and may you have the most satisfying and a truly happy year ahead!