Private-eye Anonymous: Tejas Modak

Title: Private-eye Anonymous The art gallery case
Author: Tejas Modak
Publisher: Westland
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Private detective “Anonymous”, with a flair for the dramatic, an immense affinity towards good humour and good food, is the protagonist of this fun graphic novel. He is of course accompanied by a sidekick, Chiki, a not-so-sharp but serendipitous guy capable of knocking off hurdles unwittingly. When this duo is enlisted on a quirky case involving a set of precious paintings, they have to put together all their wit and all their luck together to crack the mystery and come out victorious. 

Who doesn’t like a good mystery? Especially a mystery which is illustrated with stylish drawings and peppered with good and intelligent humour? Modak’s funky graphic novel has all of this with a nice plot and eccentric characters thrown in the mix. 

The private detective “Anonymous” is very clever. He can think out of the box, deduce logic admirably, and be very philosophical at the same time. Consider his thoughtful ruminations on the nature of his cases:

“But not all cases are the same. Some cases are like chicken-pox. They pop out of nowhere, without invitation, and you always get them sometime in your life”

The other characters promise equal fun. A painter named Van Gaur anxious to protect his strange paintings, a cool Inspector who doesn't get perturbed easily, and a fiery Doberman make their appearance in the course of the case. It is much fun to go on an entertaining ride with them all and see the unraveling of the mystery.

The illustrations themselves are fantastic and complement the story beautifully. They have the same sense of humor that fuels the story. It is as much joy to peek into each of the illustrated pages as it is to read the prose.


Tejas Modak is a young author/artist living in Pune, India and this is his first novel. It is beautifully conceived and executed novel and it is heartening to see it being created in India where the genre of graphic novels is not as popular as it is elsewhere. I must also mention the excellent quality of the printing which gives ample justice to Modak’s wonderful illustrations.

In conclusion: 'Private-eye Anonymous' is completely enjoyable graphic novel and I will recommend it highly for its quirky sense of humor and its terrific illustrations. 

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