Things that happened this monsoon

The monsoon is almost at its end. I barely got to blogging while the rains delayed and then came back in torrents. I did read some fun books in this time though: "Daddy Long Legs" and "Dear Enemy" recommended by two of my dear friends. I also bought some books, both of the paper and e-paper variety.

Then I helped Debu (my artist husband) shift to his new studio space. It was hugely exciting!

Things got even more exciting when we bought our new car, our super cute Volkswagen Polo!

Then we went on a short but wonderful road trip into North Karnataka. We saw some beautiful temples and had great rides on the rainy green roads in the Sahyadris.

I changed the header of my blog, and now I am back to reading more and blogging more too. The festive season is here with more holidays and I hope to find more time for reading.
I am going to try and read some of the Booker shortlisted books before the winner is announced on October 16. It is a fun goal and also a motivation to read more in the next couple of weeks. Happy reading to all of you too!


Anonymous said...

//I did read some fun books in this time though: "Daddy Long Legs" and "Dear Enemy"//

Jean Webster is one of my favorite authors. I like both of the books you have mentioned. But the ones I love the best are "Just Patty" and "When Patty Went to College". I have no idea whether you will like these two as well, but I would like to recommend these to you.

Also, congratulations for buying new car.


Nivedita Barve said...

Hi Archana,
After I finished 'Dear Enemy' I felt like I wanted to read more of Jean Webster. So I am glad you have recommended two more of her books :)
Also thanks for your wishes :)

Shalaka Coolkarni said...
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Shalaka Coolkarni said...

Sounds like an exciting and happening monsoon! I got busy in the daily grind..cudn't keep up with reading! Hope to catch up soon! Keep recommending books..Stay tuned!

Nivedita Barve said...

Hi Shalaka,

Thanks for dropping by! Good to connect back with you :)

Mukta said...

Nice. welcome back. loved the new header! !!!!

Mukta said...

Nice. welcome back. loved the new header! !!!!

Nivedita Barve said...

Thanks dear Mukta! :)

umashankar said...

Well, that is a charmed life, isn't that? Beautiful photographs; that fall is worth its weight in gold.

Nivedita Barve said...

Thanks Umashankar!
The joys of living in a beautiful tropical country are countless :)

Andrew Blackman said...

Hey, welcome back, Nivedita! You've been very busy in the monsoon season. Loved the photos of your road trip, and must have been wonderful to do it in a brand new car.

It's been hurricane season here in Barbados but not much action - just a few days of torrential rain. I also read The Stranger's Child, so will be interested in your review. Your other book buys look great too. Happy reading!

Nivedita Barve said...

Hi Andrew,
Glad to hear from you! You are in Barbados? Wow!
Yes we had quite a good time rolling in the new car, hope to do some more road trips in December.
I am yet to read Stranger's Child, will definitely put up a review when I do.
I have been away for quite a while and need to catch up with your reviews. Heading to your blog now!


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