The Four-Pools Mystery: Jean Webster

Title: The Four-Pools Mystery
Author: Jean Webster
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I had read ‘Daddy Long Legs’ and ‘Dear Enemy’ a few weeks back and had enjoyed it. Then another friend recommended ‘Just Patty’ and ‘When Patty went to college’ and I liked these books too. So I googled for more of Webster’s works and found that she has also written a murder mystery. Now mystery is my most favourite genre ever, so I downloaded ‘The Four-Pools Mystery’ and got to reading it right away. It has Jean Webster’s playful style of narration combined with a solid mystery plot-line, and I loved it a lot!

This story takes place at a South American plantation where Colonel Gaylord and his son Radnor live and look after their large farmland. Things are not amicable between the father and the son, the Colonel being very controlling and young Radnor headstrong. To add to the troubles a ghost has made an appearance at their house, sometimes pilfering trifles and sometimes things of great value. Soon enough tragedy strikes and it is up to a sharp eyed New York reporter to unravel the mystery and set things right.

Jean Webster has created a nice and tight plot for this little mystery. Her characters are endearing and the novel is generous at heart. Webster is a fun author to read and the simplicity and innocence of her stories really reaches out to you.

In conclusion: I loved ‘The Pour Pools Mystery’ and I am sure you all will like it too. It is a great book to pick up on a rainy evening and I recommend it for its fun and easy narrative style. 

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