7 X 7 Link Award

Andrew has very kindly tagged me for the 7 by 7 Link award, and that gives me an opportunity to write my first meme ever! The rules are pretty interesting; I have to answer a few questions about myself and my blog. So here goes!

1: Tell everyone something about yourself that nobody knows.
Well, here’s something which not many of my blogger/ blog reader friends know about me. I am a programmer and I work as a Senior Software Engineer at the fantastic company Autodesk. I am currently working on a really exciting product, Inventor Fusion. It is one of the latest applications introduced for creating 3D models, and I have been part of its founding team, which makes me both happy and proud :)
2: Link to a post I think fits the following categories: 
I consider my review of Salman Rushdie’s book 'The Enchantress of Florence' as my most beautiful piece because the book itself is so beautiful! Added to it is the charm of the story unfolding in Mughal India and related by the wonderful words of Mr. Rushdie. I loved the book and loved to write a review for it. I think something of my enjoyment and adoration for the story and subject found its way into my review and lent it some of its charm. 
Most Helpful Piece
I don’t know which post I can list here unless I decide to link to all my posts :). I think book review blogs help in pointing readers towards interesting books, and in veering them away from some others. My blog posts can claim some small portion of being useful in this manner so my answer here is: all my posts!
The most popular post is of course my review for Julian Barnes’s wonderful novel ‘The Sense of an Ending’. The novel deservedly won the Booker prize in 2011, and the interest that the prize generated certainly contributed to the popularity of this post.  
Most Controversial Piece: The Sense of an Ending: Julian Barnes
Well, I have just realized that I haven’t been very controversial on my blog so far. I had no specific agenda while starting the blog and I devoted my time to read and write about those books that I liked. I can consider my post on ‘The Sense of an Ending’ here since it generated some interesting discussions over the novel’s ending.
Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: The Gods Themselves: Isaac Asimov
I think I will name my review of Asimov’s novel ‘The Gods Themselves’. Considering that the novel was written 40 years back, a lot has been written and said about it already. I felt that another review may not interest many, and yet, this post was visited often and was visited mainly though searches. This shows the immense power of Asimov’s novels which can captivate people decades after their being written.
Most Underrated Piece: The crock of gold: James Stephens
I had written about James Stephens’s novel ‘The crock of gold’, a novel I had really enjoyed and whose style had surprised and charmed me a lot. I would have loved it if more readers had given this excellent novel a try, but sadly this post was not seen by many. I hope linking it here might induce some readers to take up this magical Irish tale and discover its beauty.
Most Pride-worthy Piece: The Thing About Thugs: Tabish Khair
I am really happy about my review of Tabish Khair’s beautiful novel ‘The Thing About Thugs’. I am glad that many readers came to know about the novel through my post and decided to take it up. Another thing that really made me happy was that this post gave me an opportunity to communicate with Tabish Khair and discuss the novel with him. Mr Khair is a very talented and charming writer and I felt very pleased when this conversation confirmed that my understanding of some of the finer points of the novel was exactly as he had intended as a writer.   
3: Pass this on to 7 fellow bloggers.
Here are seven of my blogger friends whose blogs are always a source of knowledge and joy to me. I hope this meme gives us an opportunity to hear their thoughts as well!


Andrew Blackman said...

Hi Nivedita, thanks for participating! I liked looking through your posts. My favourite was the Rushdie review. I liked how you tied it into current events at the Jaipur Literary Festival as well.

Nivedita Barve said...

Thanks Andrew!
I am glad you tagged me for this meme. It was quite a bit of fun and made me think of my blog holistically.

Booksnyc said...

Thanks for sharing! Off to check out some of these reviews/posts!

Komal said...

hi nivedita, I liked this meme of yours.And as for me, I have taken up reading more seriously after reading your reviews.I love the way you write and the reviews are so captivating, impressive and precise, a reader like me definitely takes up the book for reading immediately!!thanks for tagging me, but I am not such a good writer as you are :( Keep writing :)

Nivedita Barve said...

Hi Booksnyc,
I hope you find some of these posts interesting!

Hi Komal,
Thanks a lot for your kind words! You write very nicely too, I like your spontaneous style very much so please keep doing that. Will be looking forward to your reviews and articles :)