The Cavansite Conspiracy: Manjiri Prabhu

A Cavansite is a rare, exotic blue mineral which is highly coveted by collectors. It is often found around Pune, India where Manjiri Prabhu’s thrilling novel ‘The Cavansite Conspiracy’ begins.

A very large Cavansite makes its home in the Crystal Museum of Rare Minerals in Pune and draws large crowds to the museum. But there also many interested parties willing to acquire it in legal or illegal ways. A Thai cult who believes in the spiritual powers of the Cavansite needs it to bring peace and harmony to the world, while there are others who want it for not so noble purposes. The Cavansite is stolen from the museum despite the high security, and what is peculiar is the uncanny resemblance of the theft with the plot of a bestselling novel ‘The Cavansite Conspiracy’.

Koyal Karnik, who works in Hamburg, is visiting Pune to attend her best friend’s wedding and to enjoy a day of happiness. But the day unfolds in a dreary manner when a gruesome murder is committed and Koyal finds herself implicated for the murder and for the theft of the Cavansite. Chased by police, and by the goons of the underworld, Koyal finds only one person she can trust and who will stand by her through this ordeal, her ex-boyfriend, Neel. Together, they must find the missing Cavansite and prove Koyal’s innocence before the worst plans of the enemy are accomplished.   

Manjiri Prabhu has woven a truly exciting plot for her novel. It is great fun to be by Koyal’s side and see the mystery unfolding through its twists and turns. What I liked best was the way the novel ended. The twist at the end was most surprising and completely unpredictable. It is a very cleverly designed novel and is made a page turner by its intricate plot. 

There is also an important message that the novel tries to convey. Koyal Karnik is a left handed person who has suffered in her childhood due to the prejudices held against left handed people in India. It is indeed unfortunate that many cultures still consider left handedness inauspicious or associate it with bad luck. The novel discusses this aspect and shows what harmful effects such misconstrued beliefs can have on the upbringing of a child.

The Cavansite Consipiracy was published recently and is a fun and enjoyable read. I recommend it to readers who like thrillers with a dash of romance. 

The novel can be bought from Flipkart or Rediff in India.
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Bipinchandra Chaugule said...

Great review Nivedita! Readers would surely want to get a copy ASAP and read.
Bipinchandra Chaugule

Nivedita Barve said...

Thanks Bipin :)

shriprasad said...

I am purchasing this book after reading your review. Hope whatever you wrote may reflect in my reviews after reading.

shriprasad said...

I am purchasing this book after reading your review. Hope whatever you wrote may reflect in my reviews after reading.